Beauty and sound money are anti-collusive.

There was a joke on the Soviets: as the West invented the personal computer, the USSR reached its greatest cement production in history.

China now produces more cement than the rest of the world combined.

We are left with the sense that our modern brand of progressivism is instead materialist regressivism.

Whereas at one time, the good life was punctuated by creations which were more beautiful than the next, now the good life is punctuated by concrete pads fashioned to be Instagram friendly. Buildings which were once hand-hewn with earnest attention to an unfolding…

Being encouraged in a world of self-betrayal ideology.

Watching Obama’s inauguration was transformative. Bolivarian Marxists weeping in the streets for what they believed they would receive in “si se puede” handouts. It was Peak America. Or the at least peak in my belief that the United States was a force for good. All that remained were broken principles as splints for a broken banking cabal.

All of us Americans know the feeling of our candidate losing. It surely wasn’t this. I hadn’t any affection for McCain, voted for Dr. Paul who we knew wouldn’t win. My candidate has always been…

10 Years

I’m the first to contest that no biography is needed for the likes of me. But perhaps I can be useful as a kind of example.

For almost ten years I plastered my face to the charts. Most of my 30’s and before. I didn’t get married.

‘How do I restore integrity?’ was the question I yearned to answer through the ephemeral wicks and Fibonaccis and all the hidden market geometry that felt so captivating. Where to focus where a nation who’d inherited the earth then descended into pathological decadence of financial, military, moral, and sociological recklessness? “Convexity,”…

Central Park, NYC

The cheerful, immediate relationship of a Sunday afternoon in April, a green lawn, a bubbling river, a white-capped peak, you’d almost never know that the truth was being driven underground.

The strange thing about freedom is that it anesthetizes one from the reality of its creation. All one sees is a plateau of balmy well-being. The poignant need for loyalty and commitment, where truth is hard to obtain and dearly paid for, seems vintage or passé, if not mocked as well. …

Internalizing poetic structure allows us to see a similar coherent beauty in the world around us.

The tomb of Hafez

Poetry orders the soul. The deliberate meter of language husbands something transcendent within us that makes us remember we belong.

Poetry educates us about the beauty of the world. While in one hand opening the daily existence to the possibility of an expansiveness so great it indicates a divinity just out of view, in the other it can bring a sense of closeness, belonging and place to help us see we are at home in the world. In the old way, students would imitate…

One Moment in Annihilation’s waste, One moment of the Well of Life to taste!

Omar Khayyam

The vast city, the dark train station, the narcotic trade, cement, high rise, anonymity. An ideology of loneliness pervades the modern scape. The world is more peopled today than humans who’d ever lived before 1900. Yet somehow among so many of us, suddenly our need for each other is cut off from its realization. It is a new and seemingly unassuageable call of loneliness.

Along with the machenschaft of the Industrial Age came the simian superstition that modernity meant humanity behaved like a factory. Thus, the…

A jug of wine, a loaf of bread, and thou. The world is paradise enow.

Omar Khayyam

Since 1917, a cult of ugliness has emerged to subsume man’s instinct for meaning. This cult is all around us. And one deeply tires of its negativity and tone of incessant rejectionism. One is not on this plane for very long. We have the obligation to find the things we love, not just the things we reject. For it is an insidious aim of the cult of the ugly, the cult of the state, of politics, to rip us from our sovereign destiny and to…

“Arbeit Macht Frei” in the Information Age

Marxism is institutionalized narcissistic abuse. Marxist Leninist Socialism is the Industrial-Age expression of malignant narcissism. Witnessing the decapitation of French monarchy, then its culture, the deep state of Europe needed a upgraded counterrevolutionary ideology to save its neck. A grotesque and addled Karl Marx swooped in to do the bidding. Karl was himself a severe, malignant narcissist. His curdled hatred of things noble, meaningful and earnest led him to a kind of blithe and jolly satanism which was the bedrock of his earthly existence. Today, no one laments the murder of Karl’s inner…

Civilization depends on the defense of Promethean character in investment, industry, the arts, and personal practice.

In undergraduate studies, I had the privilege of attending lectures by Professor Bryan Mark Rigg, a military historian and author. He posed a valuable question on the role of religiosity in warfare. The question is always relevant. But as the United States retracts its global security guarantees and blanket financial supports, nations whose development has been predicated on this superstructure will be far more prone to conflict in the decades to come. …

The loss of social coalitions for millenials and markets calls for the conscientious invention of new coalitions based on old archetypal models.

The Tower of Divergence

Which would you prefer to invest in today, a payment system or a database? The difference is philosophical. It is the difference between the value in stated human preference and value in actuarial abstraction.

There’s a fine line between growth and fantasy. The CCP virus lockdowns exposed an enormous amount of leverage in the system that was taken for granted or hidden. By illustrating a breakdown in the legacy political coalitions, primarily in the Republican Party, the American…

Ross W. Calvin

Agrigentum Capital. Market Activist. Entrepreneur. Austrian Economics. @rosswcalvin

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